Odgovorna primjena antibiotika / AMR - Antibiotic Awareness

The OIE Communication Toolbox on the fight against antimicrobial resistance (Word)

The first World Antibiotic Awareness Week which will take place from 16 to 22 November 2015.
I have the pleasure of informing you that the OIE web portal on Antimicrobial resistance has been totally renovated for this occasion and is available on line on www.oie.int/antimicrobial-resistance.
The OIE Communication Unit has created several tools for different audiences who have an impact on the use of antibiotics in animals: national authorities, veterinarians as well as breeders and animal owners.
The attached document presents these communication tools and provides you with the indications to access and disseminate these tools ( infographics, posters, factsheets).
Press releases, videos as well as an editorial will be disseminated in the framework of this week to all our networks and published online on the OIE website and on social media.
Our communications during this event are targeted at increasing awareness on the OIE’s intergovernmental standards on antimicrobial resistance and promoting their implementation throughout the world.
I would therefore like to remind you of the OIE’s key messages on the fight against antimicrobial resistance:
  • Antibiotics are essential to protect human health and animal health as well as animal welfare, and to contribute to the fight against hunger in the world.
  • Excessive or inappropriate use can lead to the appearance of bacteria which are resistant to antibiotic treatment. This phenomenon, called antibiotic resistance, puts disease control throughout the world at grave risk.
  • It is by ensuring the responsible and careful use of these vital medical treatments, through the application of the OIE’s intergovernmental standards that we can, collectively, continue to protect their effectiveness, through coordinated action between the public health, animal health and environmental sectors.
  • Veterinarians are part of the solution: they must therefore be well trained and well supervised by the statutory veterinary bodies.
     Thanking you in advance for your participation in the preparations for World Antibiotic Awareness Week.
Best regards,
Dr. Vallat
OIE Director General  
12 rue de Prony 
 75017 Paris, France
  + 33 1 44 15 18 88
  + 33 1 42 67 09 87

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