Temporary measures for the displaced persons from Ukraine travelling with their pets to the Republic of Croatia

Due to extraordinary circumstances resulting from the war aggression against Ukraine, the Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate (VFSD) temporarily enabled simplified entry into the territory of the Republic of Croatia of pets owned and accompanied by displaced persons from Ukraine.
Normally, for the non-commercial movement of dogs, cats and ferrets from Ukraine, in addition to the usual requirements (microchip identification, valid rabies vaccination, veterinary certificate), satisfactory result of antibody titration against rabies obtained at least 3 months prior to movement to the EU is required. In special cases, introduction of non-compliant animals may be allowed by the competent authority of the destination member state, even before these conditions are met, provided written approval of the competent authority has been obtained in advance.
Due to humanitarian and animal welfare reasons, Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate will temporarily allow entry of pets that do not meet all the above requirements without prior approval, to all displaced person from Ukraine who travel to Croatia with their pets. In order to reduce the public health risk due to such an exemption from established rabies control measures, official veterinarians will determine in each case the measures to be met upon arrival at the destination in the Republic of Croatia and instruct the owners how to comply with.
All information on pet owners and their pets gathered at EU entry points, stating that they will travel to the Republic of Croatia, should be submitted to the official e-mail address veterinarstvo@mps.hr . The same e-mail address is to be used by pet owners for the notification on arrival at the destination in Croatia, using the form that can be downloaded from the link bellow. Once the notification is received, regional official veterinarian will be notified to determine the measures to be taken to reduce the risk from rabies infection such as clinical examination, microchip identification, vaccination against rabies.
Until receive further instructions from the official veterinarian, pet owners should keep their pets indoors at the residence, if possible, and if needed out for toileting, keep them on their leash to prevent mixing with other animals.

Заява про ввіз домашньої твариниу супроводі власників-біженців з України до Республіки Хорватія

Application for pet arrival accompanied by the displaced persons from Ukraine to the Republic of Croatia

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